Welcome to the Resources Page! Here I’ve collected language leaning resources from across the internet and beyond. This list is by no means complete, so if you know of a good language learning resource, then please contact me.


General Resources:

    • Anki: If you’ve read my language learning guide, then you know that this program is indispensable. It’s basically an electronic flash card program, but it’s much more than that.
    • RhinoSpike.Com: A great site. You can type a text in the language that you want to learn, and a native speaker will make an audi recording for you!
    • A great resource for audio and example sentences in many languages.
    • Lang-8: On this website, you basically write journal entries in the language of your choice, and a native speaker will correct your grammar and work usage.
    • The Mixxer: If you want to meet some native speakers to Skype with, then this is the place to do it.
    • Pimsleur: A full language learning program. Includes text and audio lessons. Use code SAVENOW at checkout to save upto 25%.
    • Learning with Texts: Basically you can input texts in you’re target language, and then this program will highlight the words you haven’t learned yet. Doesn’t work well with Japanese, Chinese, or other languages without spaces.
    • iKnow: offers courses in Japanese, Chinese, and others. I don’t pay for the actual courses, I just use the example sentences and add them to Anki.



Language Specific Resources:




  • Hands down the best introduction to Japanese grammar anywhere. Also teaches the Hiragana and Katakana syllabaries.
  • Remembering the Kanji: The absolute greatest method to learning Kanji ever! If you’re learning Japanese, you need this, no questions asked.
  • Yahoo Japanese Dictionary: A monolingual Japanese dictionary. By Japanese for Japanese.
  • Rocket Japanese: A comprehensive listening and speaking course.



  • A good site for learning pronunciation and grammar. I don’t recommend the program they’re trying to sell, because you can learn better and faster for free using the methods I prescribe.
  • Rocket Spanish: Same as rocket Japanese and Chinese, but for Latin American Spanish


  • TESOL(teaching English to speakers of other languages):




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