Stephen Krashen: Language Acquisition Theory

This is an interesting video by language learning pioneer Stephen Krashen. He talks about the theory behind learning languages. He even says that we all learn a new language the same way. Take a look:   What do you think? Any disagreements with this theory? Any improvements? Or do you wholeheartedly agree? Leave your comments below. Read More »

The Importance of Listening

Here we have an article from one of my favorite bloggers, Khatzumoto from He is the one that inspired me to begin my Japanese language learning journey several years ago. In this post, he talks about the importance of listening when learning a new language. I have the first few paragraphs here, and you can continue reading on his ... Read More »

The Basics – Seven Steps to Learning a Language

Hello everyone. I just came across a seven step basic outline to learning a new language. It has some interesting points, some of which are obvious and others not so obvious. I’m republishing the steps her in full for you for your convenience. They come from   Instructions 1. Enroll in a class. Look into Continuing Education programs, offerings ... Read More »

Language learning and motivation

Intro:  Here we have another video by an avid language learner, Benny Lewis, also known as the Irish polyglot. Many people fail at languages either because of a lack of motivation, or because they don’t know where to start. Many think that they simply can’t learn a new language. Benny talks about these things and more in the following video: ... Read More »

Writing Correction

Intro:   Is writing correction effective or ineffective in language learning? Listen to the video below by Steve Kaufmann, who is an avid language learner and speaks over a dozen languages: A very interesting thought. The writing itself is more important than the correction. I have personally used writing corrections and have found it to be very helpful. What do you ... Read More »

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