How I Leared to speak French is 17 days

Learn French fast

Learn a Language in 17 days? I found a story about a guy who claimed to learn French in 17 days. Are his claims legitimate? How fluent was he? I don’t know. But his method does show some extreme dedication, which we would be wise to follow if we want to learn a new language quickly.   I’ve learned several ... Read More »

Learning a language – 10 things you need to know

Language Learning tips

So you want to learn another language? Then you might find these 10 tips from language learning experts extremely helpful. But beware: don’t just read the advice, the actually put it into practice! 10 Tips for Learning a New Language 1. Make realistic, specific goals You have decided to learn another language. Now what? On our recent live chat our ... Read More »

Learn Japanese with YouTube

Learn Japanese with YouTube Did you know that you can learn Japanese with YouTube? Of course you did, because you’re smart. But for those that have never heard of such a thing, let me introduce this amazing method of language study: There are YouTube videos in just about every language imaginable, and best of all, they are made by actual ... Read More »

Motivating language learners through statistics

I came across this post just today, and thought it might be helpful to a lot of people that are trying to learn another language. I think it is very helpful to keep track of the time you spend learning the language. Cardinal rule of language learning: if you spend enough time interacting with the language, you will succeed. Instead ... Read More »

Best Way to Learn Japanese

Best way to learn Japanese   So, just what is the best way to learn Japanese? Kay Morisada Salera from attempts to answer that very question. She has a lot of good suggestions. The only think I think she could have done a better job answering was the section about Kanji. For that, I highly recommend starting out with ... Read More »

Learning Multiple Languages: How to do it

Learning Multiple Languages Here is a video from polyglot Steve Kaufmann. Here he explains how he learns multiple languages. Learning multiple languages myself, I also recommend that you learn one language at a time, or at least get fairly decent in one language before starting another. I just think that progress happens much more quickly that way. Also, once you ... Read More »

Total Physical Response (TPR) and Language Learning

  TPR – Total Physical Response Today I would like to talk about a language learning technique known as Total Physical Response, otherwise known as TPR. In TPR, instructors give commands to students in the target language, and students respond with whole-body actions. The method is an example of the comprehension approach to language teaching. Listening serves two purposes; it ... Read More »

Learn Chinese and Japanese – Learn Chinese, with Japanese?

Learn Chinese and Japanese, at the same time !?!   Today I’m am introducing one of my favorite resources for learning both Chinese and Japanese: it’s called iKnow. When you visit their website, you will quickly notice that they want you to sign up for their language learning courses, which will cost you some money. Forget that. The real treasure ... Read More »

Learn the Hebrew Alphabet – Writing the Hebrew Letters

Learn the Hebrew Alphabet   Here is another video on how to learn Hebrew. Here Maha teaches how to write the Hebrew Alphabet. She actually shows you how to write each letter, which is very helpful for those that just don’t want to read a book in Hebrew, but actually want to write it. Enjoy 🙂 Did you enjoy learning ... Read More »

Learn the Arabic Alphabet in 6 easy Lessons

Learn Arabic So you want to learn Arabic? Are you daunted at all by the writing system? Never fear, Super Language Learning is here. I’ve found a short video instructional series that teaches you how to read and write anything in Arabic in only 6 easy lessons. I hope you enjoy learning your Arabic ABCs: Video #1   Video #2 ... Read More »

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