Monthly Archives: April 2015

The Best Way to Learn a New Language… Fast!

Learn a language fast | Learn French fast

Want to learn French fast? Then check out this great article I found by Gruff Davies. It explains everything you need to know in order to learn French. His principles, however, can be applies to any language:     There is a trick to learning languages that can shorten the journey to fluency from decades to mere months. There’s also ... Read More »

Learn Spanish the Fun way: Video Games, TV, and more

learn spanish - video games, tv

Hi everyone. Today I have a few fun sources for Spanish learners, though some of the principles could be applied to any language. Recently, I’ve taken up another language, Spanish, for several reasons. One, there are a lot of Spanish-speakers in my area, most of whom don’t speak a lot of English, so it will be really helpful. Secondly, with ... Read More »

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