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Forgetting a language: Why it happens and how to avoid it

How to never forget a language

Below is an article originally written by Benny Lewis, republished as a slightly condensed version here for your convenience: Forgotten languages, and understanding why In my travels and lifestyle, the reason I learn a language is simple: to immediately use it with locals and enhance my cultural experiences. This is not quite the same as many people, who choose their ... Read More »

Chinese Podcast | Learn Chinese

Chinese Podcast | Learn Chinese

Chinese Podcast Always on the lookout for great language learning resources, I’ve found a great resource for learning Chinese: a really great Chinese Podcast! It’s called “Slow Chinese,” and the great thing is that it is performed by native speakers, at a nice, slow pace. This is really useful, especially for those in the beginning stages of their Chinese studies. ... Read More »

What Language Should I Learn?

What language should I learn

What language should I learn? What language should I learn? Believe it or not, this is a question I get asked a lot, and it’s not that surprising. When you think about it, no matter how gifted you are, learning a new language is something that is going to take a large time investment. It’s natural for people to be ... Read More »

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