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The Case for Extensive Reading in Language Learning

Extensive reading | Language Learning

Do you need to read to learn a language? Is it even helpful? Take a look at the article below to fine out.   The Case for Extensive Reading   This paper puts forward the idea that graded reading, or extensive reading, is a completely indispensable part of any language program, if not all language programs.¬† In order to demonstrate ... Read More »

Swords of Legend Drama | Chinese movies

Swords of Legend | Chinese movies

¬†Learn Chinese with Swords of Legend Check out this cool Chinese drama called Swords of Legend. If you’re interested in learning Mandarin Chinese, then this should definitely help. Not only is it pretty interesting, but it also includes Chinese (simplified) subtitles: a double bonus! Enjoy. Do you have any other Chinese drama recommendations in addition to Swords of Legend? Leave ... Read More »

Tips for Learning Chinese Language


Learn Chinese with these helpful hints I found this great article with a ton of tips for learning Chinese. They really helped me, so hopefully they’ll help you too:   BEFORE LEARNING CHINESE 1. Decide which language you wish to learn Mandarin is the national language of China and Taiwan, and is the dialect you should choose if traveling to ... Read More »

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