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Why Learn Arabic?

Learn Arabic

Should you learn Arabic? Or any other language for that matter? Read below to find out: In praise of learning Arabic, even if you don’t need to   School students practise writing in the Arabic language. (Antonie Robertson / The National)   More than half the world is bilingual. That makes monolinguals like me a rapidly shrinking minority. I imagined ... Read More »

Learning a new language strengthens brain at any age: study

langauge learning and the brain

Brain Training   Need a better brain? Then check out this article I found about language learning and brain improvement. – Jim. If the brain is a muscle, learning a new language is its barbell, according to a new study from Pennsylvania State University. “Learning and practicing something, for instance a second language, strengthens the brain,” says Ping Li, professor ... Read More »

How I Leared to speak French is 17 days

Learn French fast

Learn a Language in 17 days? I found a story about a guy who claimed to learn French in 17 days. Are his claims legitimate? How fluent was he? I don’t know. But his method does show some extreme dedication, which we would be wise to follow if we want to learn a new language quickly.   I’ve learned several ... Read More »

Learning a language – 10 things you need to know

Language Learning tips

So you want to learn another language? Then you might find these 10 tips from language learning experts extremely helpful. But beware: don’t just read the advice, the actually put it into practice! 10 Tips for Learning a New Language 1. Make realistic, specific goals You have decided to learn another language. Now what? On our recent live chat our ... Read More »

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