8 Major Differences Between Castilian and Latin American Spanish


So I found this post recently that will really help for those of you learning Spanish. This is basically a summary of the major differences between the Spanish spoken in Spain and the Spanish spoken in Latin America. Keep learning!   1. Modes of Address: Use of Ustedes vs Vosotros In Spanish there are officially five different ways in which you can ... Read More »

The Role of Mistakes in Language Learning

mistakes and language learning

Here is a great article from Thomasz over at Antimoon on mistakes and language learning. Do you think you have to make a lot of mistakes to learn a new language? After you read this post, you may think differently. The role of mistakes in language learning by Tomasz P. Szynalski Of all the advice on Antimoon, “Do not make ... Read More »

The Best Way to Learn a New Language… Fast!

Learn a language fast | Learn French fast

Want to learn French fast? Then check out this great article I found by Gruff Davies. It explains everything you need to know in order to learn French. His principles, however, can be applies to any language:     There is a trick to learning languages that can shorten the journey to fluency from decades to mere months. There’s also ... Read More »

Learn Spanish the Fun way: Video Games, TV, and more

learn spanish - video games, tv

Hi everyone. Today I have a few fun sources for Spanish learners, though some of the principles could be applied to any language. Recently, I’ve taken up another language, Spanish, for several reasons. One, there are a lot of Spanish-speakers in my area, most of whom don’t speak a lot of English, so it will be really helpful. Secondly, with ... Read More »

Mistakes to Avoid When Learning a Foreign Language

language learning mistakes

Here is a great article I found about the common mistakes people make when trying to learn a language. Enjoy! Mistake 1: Thinking that going to a class will teach them the language The teacher can only present material. Good teachers will present the material in an interesting way and bad teachers will present the material in a boring way, ... Read More »

15 Surprising Discoveries About Learning

discoveries of learning

Below I have placed two of the fifteen discoveries about how to improve your learning. Have fun! 3. You can improve your memory with one simple technique. A learning technique that maximises the brain’s ability to make and store memories may help future students, say UC Irvine neurobiologists. Christine Gall, Gary Lynch, and colleagues found that mice trained in three short, ... Read More »

Forgetting a language: Why it happens and how to avoid it

How to never forget a language

Below is an article originally written by Benny Lewis, republished as a slightly condensed version here for your convenience: Forgotten languages, and understanding why In my travels and lifestyle, the reason I learn a language is simple: to immediately use it with locals and enhance my cultural experiences. This is not quite the same as many people, who choose their ... Read More »

Chinese Podcast | Learn Chinese

Chinese Podcast | Learn Chinese

Chinese Podcast Always on the lookout for great language learning resources, I’ve found a great resource for learning Chinese: a really great Chinese Podcast! It’s called “Slow Chinese,” and the great thing is that it is performed by native speakers, at a nice, slow pace. This is really useful, especially for those in the beginning stages of their Chinese studies. ... Read More »

What Language Should I Learn?

What language should I learn

What language should I learn? What language should I learn? Believe it or not, this is a question I get asked a lot, and it’s not that surprising. When you think about it, no matter how gifted you are, learning a new language is something that is going to take a large time investment. It’s natural for people to be ... Read More »

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